Goliad Express

Hi! This year we are doing a virtual Polar Express reading! Below you will see all the Holiday books that have been read and recorded by your favorite Goliad Teachers!

In order for you to get a prize from your teacher, you must listen to the Polar Express and 2 other books of your choice. When you are listening to the book, the reader will show a secret special code word. You will have to write down this word on your ticket in the box that goes with that book. Some of the secret words may appear backwards in the video. If you don’t have the code word written down for the Polar Express and 2 other books, you won’t get your prize.

After you have listened to the books, return your ticket with your code words written. Your teacher will hand you an envelope that tells you what your prize is. Don’t tell your friends what the prize is!

Enjoy the books and have a Happy Holiday!

Polar Express - Read by: Ms. Gibson

Polar Express - Read by: Mr. Gomez

The Magic of Friendship Snow - Read by: Ms. Valles

El Arbolito de Navidad - Read by: Ms. Valles

Osbert - Read by: Ms. Lamkin

Olive the Other Reindeer - Read by: Ms Wiebicke

Skippyjon Jones Snow What - Read by: Mrs. Lewis

La Bufana Pt. 1 - Read by: Ms. Rivero 

La Bufana Pt. 2 - Read by: Ms. Rivero

The Old Lady Who Swallowed Snow - Read by: Nurse Katie

The Night Before the Night Before Christmas - Read by: Mrs. Bishop

How The Grinch Stole Christmas - Read by: Mrs. Ramriez