Dropoff & Pickup

NEW Goliad Morning Drop off and Afternoon Dismissal Policy
Please read the following guidelines in order to make the drop off and pick up of students as safe and efficient as possible. Remember, these guidelines are for the safety of ALL the students at Goliad Elementary. CONSISTENCY is a MUST.

  • Please stay in your cars for drop off and dismissal. For the safety of all students we will not be allowed to have parents park cars and walk to get their child.
  • Cross walks are only for students who are walking to school or home.
  • Morning Drop Off
    • Doors will open at 7:15 but for the safety of all students you are encouraged to drop off at the first bell 7:35.
    • Please drop off in the same location as they are dismissed in the afternoon.
      • Kinder – side by gym 1st/2nd – back of school
      • 3rd/4th – front door entrance 5th - side gate in front
    • Students will report directly to their classroom in the morning.
  • NO cell phone use within a school zone or school crossing. ($250.00 fine)
  • Please do not stop, try to go around other cars, or visit with teachers when in the student “pick up” line – this is a SINGLE file loading zone – PLEASE show patience for everyone involved.                                                                                                                     
  • Dismissal – Kindergarten – 2nd grade
    • Kindergarten – 40th Street (side of school) – 2:50
    • 1st grade – Goliad Street (behind school) – 2:55
    • 2nd grade – Goliad Street (behind school) – 3:00
  • Dismissal – 3rd – 5th
    • 3rd grade - In front of the school - See Dismissal Map – 2:55
    • 4th grade - In front of the school - See Dismissal Map – 3:00
    • 5th grade - In front of the school - See Dismissal Map – 3:00
  • Older siblings will go to the location of the younger sibling for dismissal